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Welcome to Visions of Escaflowne, a great source for information on the anime Vision of Escaflowne. Escaflowne is definately in my opinion one the greatest animes to come out of japan. It wraps up action, mystery, intrigue, romance, a wonderfully done music score, and fantastic animation all into one show. If you're wondering what Escaflowne is like, this site is a perfect preview to how the series is. If you've been watching the edited episodes, you can check out our edited episode guides, complete with the only edit guides to the YTV episodes on the net. If you're a veteran to the show than you'll find everything you need about the show here from information to tons of multimedia. 

October 25, 2004
Bandai will be re-releasing the Escaflowne Boxset tomorrow for those of you who didn't get it the first time, in a new form. Known as the Perfect Collection, it will contain both the TV series and the movie. Note that the box will be somewhat different looking than the original one and I think its in brick form as opposed to containing seperate cases for all 8 TV series DVDs and the movie. The price is $99.98, although I've found it for 10 dollars cheaper here. Get this while you can, I'm fairly certain this will be a limited release.

September 6, 2004
One of the few unfortunate aspects of having a website for a number of years (in addition to the struggles of new content when you've done just about everything possible) is a day like today when I went through the links page to update things and unfortunately found that many of my fellow Escaflowne sites no longer exist. Those links to sites that no longer exist have been removed, shrinking the number of links somewhat. I suppose its an unfortunate reality now that the domestic release of Escaflowne has been done with for a few years. Won't be anything huge, but do hope to do some more updates here soon.

June 16, 2004
I've put up an additional blooper, from episode 16, submitted by Gabriel. By request, I've put up the english lyrics for the opening theme, 'Promises Not Necessary' in the lyrics section. And I've put up Merle's age, which was missing in her character bio til this time.

April 24, 2004
I've taken down the broken links in the image section. You're not missing anything, since nothing there was working anyway. Apparantly I accidently deleted that entire section and it was lost when the site crashed a while back. Will see what I can do about fixing it up. No problems with the screen captures though, so this site still boasts a fairly good image archive. I've also added a new link to a site called 'Atlantis'.

February 8, 2004
I've done some maintenence on the site, fixing up the various broken links, many of which were in the character and movie section. Also, the PSX Game images, which were down somehow were put back up. Finally, the blooper section has been updated with a recently submitted one from episode 5.

February 6, 2004
Have put up a new pseudo-essay in the Reviews section, about what I thought were the 5 funniest scenes in Escaflowne. People with their own top 10 lists for best episodes, scenes, funniest, etc... feel free to send to me if you want them put up, just try to go in as much detail as I do about why. Also have fixed the email address on the sidebar.

December 23, 2003
Just a minor housekeeping update, fixed the link to the screenshots for episode 3, and fixed up the movies page, which currently has nothing to download. Hope to get another update up sometime in the near future.

September 14, 2003
Yes, an actual update! Got back to working on the screenshot archive and have put up around 60 images or so from episode 8.

September 7, 2003
Two more fanfics have been added to the archive, by Feye Morgan. Sorry, but my collection of submitted stuff is a mess that I'm having trouble wading through. If you've submitted anything to me and don't see it up, email me so we can work things out and get your stuff up. I also have added a link to a new site entitled 'While I Sleep' covering the Escaflowne Movie in a unique way. Be sure to check it out. Have added a link of my own, for my small Space Runaway Ideon site, see below under 'Hosted Sites' if interested.

July 13, 2003
New fanart has been added to the archive.

February 23, 2003
Updated the FAQ with new email information.

January 26, 2002
The latest chapter of 'The Vision Returns' has been added to the fanfic archive.

November 27, 2002
More fanart and fanfics have been added to the archives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

October 29, 2002
We've got 2 more pieces of fanart up, one of Van, one of Merle.

October 12, 2002
Wow, a month since the last update :( Sorry, with school and work taking up so much of my time, working on the site has been difficult. To make up for it I've got long overdue screenshots up, this time nearly 70 from episode 7 up in the screenshot archive as I slowly work my way through the series for that section.

September 10, 2002
Well, its been a while, but I've finally finished the individual song guides. You can access them through the episode summary pages, simply click on the specific song you want info from. There might be a few bugs with it, but I'll fix any errors I find as soon as possible. On a few of the songs you won't be able to see all the information because the window isn't big enough, I'll be fixing that as soon as I can. Luckily, that doesn't effect too many songs. Sorry for taking so long, with college starting up again and having a new job, free time is hard to come by. Updating the actual soundtrack guide page itself is next.

August 25, 2002
Finally have my review of the Escaflowne Movie DVD up on the site. Since I've already reviewed the movie (which you can also read in the movie section) the review is concentrated on the DVD itself, its picture quality, dub, extras, etc... In addition, 4 more chapters of the 'Escaflowne The Vision Returns' fanfics are up.

August 17, 2002
Small update today, have a page going over my personal favorite episodes in the series, you can see it in the review section. Wrote this a little while ago and saved it for a time like this where I'm working on a big project update that won't be ready for a little while.

August 10, 2002
Sorry for not updating more recently, I just started my new job last week and have had very little time to work on the site. Today's update is a renovated version of the FAQ, and a new piece of fanart.

August 7, 2002
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I'll address this issue next time I post something here. Right now I'd just like to notify those who have bought the Escaflowne Movie and have had problems of this press release:

With the release of the Escaflowne - Ultimate Edition 3 disc set and the standard edition this past Tuesday - We have received a number of complaints regarding the "feature" disc of this release. Further investigation revealed that a small batch of the "feature" disc were defective during the replication process. If you have a copy that freezes when played at the 12th Chapter point - please contact our customer service department at for a replacement. The support team will send you an authorization number and instructions on how to return their defective product. Please note that we will only be issuing replacements to those that have purchased the DVD in Canada/United States and are currently residing in Canada/United States.
We should recive the replacement discs in approximately 2 weeks. Please note that we are only asking for the �feature� defective disc itself. (Keep the DVD case/the feature disc was held in � we will only be sending out the disc itself in terms of replacement). Upon contacting you will recive an authorization # as well as instructions on how to return your DVD. -Bandai

This press release is from about a week ago :( So the replacement discs should be around in 1 week, not 2.

July 23, 2002
Well, today's the day, a great day to be an Esca fan with both editions of the movie and the limited edition box set coming out. I picked up the Ultimate Edition of the movie today, and its simply amazing :) I'll have a full review, etc... of it up in a few weeks. I also should be able to get screen captures from the movie now, so expect those in upcoming updates as well.

July 21, 2002
This week Escaflowne stuff will be coming out on DVD, including the movie and box set. The movie comes out in both a regular edition and a special edition with tons of extras. You can check the news archive for the exact details. Unfortunately the empty boxes for the box set sold out right away due to (IMHO) the foolish choice of printing very few. Even I wasn't able to get one.

July 21, 2002
I'm still working on the renovated soundtrack guide, hopefully that will be done for the next update. To hold you over we have new fanart up, be sure to check it out.

July 1, 2002
I've got the episode summary section completely renovated. All episodes, 1-26 are now in their new format. To elaborate, each summary now has 4 new things on it. The origin of the title for the episode (what its meaning is). The first appearances in that episode. The music played in that episode (with links to info on the songs, more on that later) and links to other related pages for that episode (like the script and screencaptures). I'm also working on completely redoing the soundtrack guide page, which will be removed soon since the info will be available everywhere else. I'll be adding a lot more info on the soundtrack, with analysis of every song there. For now, you can see this info for 'No Need For Promises', 'Mystic Eyes', and 'Short Notice', the opening, closing and eyecatch/preview respectively. More will come with the coming update. To find the appropriate info, just follow the link from the episode the song is played in (in this case since they're in every episode, its rather easy).

June 25, 2002
With pretty much all the sections approaching completion (Encylopedia section should be all set by next update), I'm gonna start doing some renovations on the already done sections. First one I'll be working on is the Episode Summary section. I'll be integrating various other sections with it (like meaning of the episode title, the songs in the episode, etc...) in addition to correcting mistakes and adding some links to make things go easier. The first episode is already converted, more will be done in future updates.

June 19, 2002
Well, after a week and a half of downtime, the site's finally back. To make it short, it was due to a problem with switching the server, nothing more. The down time is over with and you don't have to worry about anymore downtime for now.

June 5, 2002
I've joined the Toonami Coalition, a network of sites supporting the block Toonami on Cartoon Network. Be sure to check it out through the banner on the side if you have the time.

June 3, 2002
Alright, finally got a reasonable update prepared, and amazingly enough, one day after the last one :P The links page has been updated. Some of the urls needed to be changed, so that was done. The voices page has been updated with info on Yukari's voices. Got a new, large fanfic up which is a crossover of Escaflowne and Gundam Wing. Finally, got a long overdue Encyclopedia update, putting up a page for 'F'. Only one letter remains for the Encyclopedia section to be completed.

June 2, 2002
The third chapter of the 'Vision Returns' fanfic series has been added to the archive.

May 19, 2002
Sorry for the gap in time between updates, as you can probably guess, its time for Finals at school. Things should get easier pretty soon. Anyway, 5 new pieces of fanart from 2 different artists have been put up on this update.





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