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Starting in late August of 2000, FOX started airing Escaflowne in its Saturday morning lineup. However, we all know how American Network television treats anime, and the show was chopped to pieces. Some people are only able to see this edited version, so here you can find the differences between the edited FOX version and the original. The show has been cancelled, so for now these 9 episodes are all there is. However, YTV in Canada is still playing these edited episodes and have surpassed the Fox ones. Unfortunately, I don't have YTV and can't cover those episodes at this time. I suggest you read the General Information page first for info on the opening/ending, music, dubbed voices and more. Episode layout shows how much of each unedited episode each edited episode covers. Episode 1: The Girl from the Mystic Moon
Episode 2: A Splendid Swordsman
Episode 3: The Diabolical Adonis
Episode 4: The Seal of the Brothers
Episode 5: City of Intrigue
Episode 6: Unexpected Partings
Episode 7: The Day the Angel Flew
Episode 8: The Blue Eyed Prince
Episode 9: Prophecy of Death
Episode 10: The Secret Door YTV Only
Episode 11: Red Destiny YTV Only
Episode 12: Dangerous Wounds YTV Only
Episode 13: Lost Paradise YTV Only
Episode 14: The Guided Ones YTV Only
Episode 15: The Edge of the World YTV Only
Episode 16: Operation Golden Rule of Love YTV Only
Episode 17: Reaction of Fortune YTV Only
Episode 18: Black Winged Angel YTV Only
Episode 19: Storm Premonition YTV Only
Episode 20: Fated Decision YTV Only
Episode 21: Zone of Absolute Fortune YTV Only
Episode 22: Eternal Love YTV Only
Episode 0: Fated Confession YTV Only
General Information
Episode Layouts Some of the information for the YTV episodes have been obtained from Mystic Blue's Escaflowne Site., be sure to check that site out for complete reviews of these episodes.
Thanks go out to Lisa Kuhta who helped a great deal with Episode 14 and submitted a music edit for episode 10.