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      Episode 1: Fated Confession
      Episode 2: The Girl from the Mystic Moon
      Episode 3: A Gallant Swordsman
      Episode 4: The Diabolical Adonis
      Episode 5: The Mark of the Brothers
      Episode 6: The Capital of Intrigue
      Episode 7: Unexpected Partings
      Episode 8: The Day the Angel Flew
      Episode 9: Memories of a Wing
      Episode 10: The Blue Eyed Prince
      Episode 11: Prophecy of Death
      Episode 12: The Secret Door
      Episode 13: Red Fate
      Episode 14: Dangerous Scars
      Episode 15: The Lost Paradise
      Episode 16: The Guided Ones
      Episode 17: The End of the World
      Episode 18: Gravity of Fate
      Episode 19: Operation Golden Rule of Love
      Episode 20: False Pledge
      Episode 21: Reaction of Fortune
      Episode 22: Angel with Black Wings
      Episode 23: Sign of A Storm
      Episode 24: Choosing Fate
      Episode 25: The Absolute Fortune Zone
      Episode 26: Eternal Adoration