Airing on Japanese television from 1995 to 1996, Neon Genesis Evangelion can be considered one of the most thought provoking animes of the 90's. Unfortunately misconceptions about this show are everywhere. Through a series of essays, this particular Eva fan hopes to steer not only fellow Eva fans, but all anime fans in general in the proper direction regarding this show.

The TV ending is superior to the movie

    Why the Movie is Vastly Superior to the TV Ending by Sheamon

Evangelion is a religiously offensive show

    Just How Offensive is Eva? by Sheamon

Evangelion will never air on American TV

    Its Not as Unlikely as You Think... by Sheamon

Evangelion's Impact on the Medium

    Eva's Biggest Impact by Sheamon

Evangelion is Original

    Whats wrong with being unoriginal? by Sheamon
    I Might Have An Eva Clone On My Hands... by Sheamon
    Evangelion, from 1980? by Sheamon

Evangelion is the best anime ever

    There's No Such Thing as 'The Best' by Sheamon

Anno made the movie to get even with the fans

    Damn Those Fans!! by Sheamon

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