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All work is copyright of its respective owner. Escaflowne Online does not own any of these, please ask questions to the credited authors.


Name/Description Author Size Submitted
Merle Drawing Bella Melodia 213K 1/16/01
Folken Drawing Angela Jordan 130K 2/2/01
Hitomi & Van Drawing Nicola Shrimpton 62K 4/18/01
Hitomi Drawing Nicola Shrimpton 73K 4/18/01
Merle Nicola Shrimpton 38K 5/29/01
Dilandau Nicola Shrimpton 43K 5/29/01
Folken Nicola Shrimpton 140K 5/29/01
Van Attacking Nicola Shrimpton 123K 5/29/01
Winged Van Nicola Shrimpton 129K 5/29/01
Folken Fiora DeNiro 49K 6/27/01
Folken Annie Weatherholt 420K 7/11/01
Van and Hitomi kissing Alexis 18K 1/16/02
Folken Regan 41K 1/30/02
Dilandau vs. Van Chad Walker 552K 1/30/02
Dilandau - Pencil 1 Seadra Reef 58K 1/31/02
Crying Seadra Reef 44K 1/31/02
Dilandau - Pencil 2 Seadra Reef 54K 1/31/02
Dilandau - Pencil 3 Seadra Reef 70K 1/31/02
Dilandau - Pencil 4 Seadra Reef 65K 1/31/02
Dilandau - Color Seadra Reef 68K 1/31/02
Merle - Pencil Unknown 36K 3/12/02
Van - Pencil Unknown 62K 3/12/02
Sora Stanty Ferrit 16K 4/13/02
Van - Cliff Stanty Ferrit 16K 4/13/02
Van - Profile Stanty Ferrit 13K 4/13/02
Van - Agitated Stanty Ferrit 10K 4/13/02
Van - In Color Stanty Ferrit 16K 4/13/02
Winged Dilandau Celes Silvertears 284K 4/17/02
Dragonslayers Celes Silvertears 180K 4/17/02
Angel Hitomi Mai 173K 4/29/02
Bebop Style Mai 153K 4/29/02
Finale Jonathan D'Souza 494K 5/6/02
Escaflowne Jonathan D'Souza 595K 5/6/02
Van & Hitomi - Cute Jonathan D'Souza 357K 5/6/02
Hitomi, Merle and Millerna Dwight D Burg 129K 7/20/02
Folken, Dilandau and Dornkirk Dwight D Burg 60K 7/26/02
Merle Polienor Lydia 103K 10/29/02
Van Victoria Airey 62K 10/29/02
Van Polienor Lydia 459K 11/11/02
Folken Shruti Padgaonkar 203K 7/13/03

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