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The Gundam Encyclopedia is an informal guide to everything Gundam. Customizable indexes allow you to look up information on Gundam from almost any subject. Want to look up character bios of characters from Mobile Suit Gundam, but only those from the Federation? No problem! Want to look up Gundam models, but only those used in Gundam Wing? Easy! This encyclopedia is organized into a number of sections and sub-sections, allowing you to look things up with ease.

Latest Updates:

September 2, 2004: With the recent news of the upcoming Gundam F91 and Zeta Gundam DVDs, I have updated those respective series' video sections with those 2 releases. I have also put up a recent book, 'Zeta Gundam Character Edition Volume 1' that I have purchased, in the book section for Z Gundam. Thats three more entries, upping the total to 2126. The FAQ and Link pages have been updated as well.
August 29, 2004: For this update I have put up all character images for Gundam 0080 in the image archive, finishing the relatively short OVA in one go. Those up are Alfred Izuruha, Al's Parents, Al's Teacher, Andy Strauss, Bernard Wiseman, Charlie, Chay, Chris's Parents, Christina Mackenzie, Civilians, Dick Lunland, Dorothy, Earth Federation Soldiers, Gabriel Garcia, Killing, Mikhail Kaminsky, Rugens, Steiner Hardy, Telcott and Zeon Soldiers.
August 26, 2004: The final update for the Char's Counterattack images is up. New characters put up are Amuro Ray(updated), Char Aznable(updated), Civilian, Earth Federation, Londo Bell, Meran, Neo-Zeon, and Quess Paraya.
August 22, 2004: More updates for the character lineart image archive. New characters put up for Char's Counterattack are Adenaur Paraya, Adenaur's Lover, Bright Noa(updated), Cameron Bloom, Hathaway Noa(updated), Lalah Sune, Lyle and Rezun Schneider. Pretty much everyone outside of Amuro, Char and Quess have been covered, next update should finish this up. Also, 2 new color images for Four Murasame and Rosamia Badam of Zeta Gundam.
August 19, 2004: Character Lineart Image Archive updates for 2 seperate shows:
Char's Counterattack - This will be the latest show to go through, and as a movie, should be finished fairly quickly. Characters put up in the first update are Chan Agi, Chiemin Noa, Christina, Gyunei Guss, Kayra Su, Mirai Noa, Nanai Mingueru and October Saran. As with Gundam F91, I am putting up less images per character in order to have enough room for all the Gundam series. I will return to add more if there's room once I've finished everything.
Zeta Gundam - Got a new Zeta Gundam artbook so I will try to put up more art that I was unable to from the Gundam Character Encyclopedia. New images up for Bask Om(2), Bright Noa(3), Emma Sheen(7) and Kai Shiden(2). A few notes about this. First, unlike the Gundam Encyclopedia this is a book that is quite old (close to 20 years old) and hence the pages have yellowed slightly. I've spent a lot of time touching up the images, but yellow tones will show up in some of the images. Other character lineart was done completely in orange, which I have kept that color. Second, with luck I should be able to put up some characters that I wasn't able to from the Gundam Encyclopedia. I can state now that Cheimin Noa(once again her images are too close to the spine of the book to pick up) and Ramsus Hasser(not featured in the book whatsoever) won't be put up, but I should be able to get some other minor characters I was unable to get before. Finally, this book has some really nice official artwork of the various characters in color, which I will be putting up. Its not really lineart, but I will be putting it up anyway. I will try to specifically mention any of these put up, in this update Emma Sheen's the only one (as the only character covered in this update that featured such artwork).
August 18, 2004: Got some news. Gundam F91 will be coming to DVD in November, in a special edition set(no news whatsoever about a 'regular edition') costing $35. Source: Diamond Comics Previews. Keep in mind that this is subject to change, but atleast its good FOR THE FIRST TIME to actually have a date for this title. Will try to have an update for tomorrow.
August 15, 2004: I've put up the final images for Gundam F91. Civilians, Crossbone Vanguard, Earth Federation, Erma, Frontier Resistance and Hard are those that have been put up. I'll soon start working on the next series.
August 12, 2004: A big update for the Gundam F91 character images. New characters up are Arthur Young, Berto Rodriguez, Birgit Pirjo, Cochun Hein, Cosmo Eigesse, Dorothy Moore, Dwight Kamuri, George Azuma, Gres Erath, Jessica Soguro, Ken Son, Leah Mariba, Leslie Arno, Migen Maujin, Monica Arno, Nant Ruth, Seabrook Arno, and Theo Fairchild. Next update should finish this movie for good.
August 8, 2004: Another batch of Gundam F91 character images are up. Dorel Ronah, Manuela Panpa, Minmi Edeitt, Nadia Ronah, Reese Arno, and Sam Erg. In addition, color lineart has gone up for the characters already up. Cecily Fairchild and Iron Mask have 2, the rest of the characters have 1 image each.
August 3, 2004: Second Update: The first of the F91 character images are now in the image archive. Anna Marie Bourget, Cecily Fairchild, Gillet Krueger, Iron Mask, Leahlee Edaberry, Meitzer Ronah and Zabine Chareux are those characters who have been put up.
First Update: The renovation of the Character Lineart Archive is complete. I've gone through every page for every character and through shrinking some images, removing others, etc... have been able to save about 10 megabytes of space. Meaning I can now start updating the image archive again. Does this mean I'll be able to complete it, having stuff up for every character from every series? I doubt it. But I'll try. From this point on you will not see as many images for every character, but I will still cover every character I am able to, not just the major ones. As always, major characters will typically have many more images of them, both full body shots and a few close-ups. Minor characters will generally be relegated to full body shots and at most one close-up. Gundam F91's coming up next, expect the first update for this series soon. I shall now briefly mention what has been done with each series:
Zeta Gundam: As the most popular series that I've covered thus far and as the sole one that covers the main UC characters (Amuro, Char, Bright, etc...) this series has has the least stuff removed. No more than 20 images have been removed total from all the characters. Most non-full body shots have been shrunk.
Gundam ZZ: Like Zeta Gundam I have not removed too many images for this series, not due to popularity but due to the fact that this series never took up that much room in the first place. Full body shots remain untouched, most close-ups have been shrunk.
Gundam X: With few exceptions, close-ups have been reduced to one per character(major characters have a few more).
V Gundam: This and Turn A Gundam took up the most space, and hence has had significantly more removed than the other series. An occasional full body shot has been removed, I have not removed too many close-ups but have shrunk nearly every image that isn't a full body one.
Turn A Gundam: Like V Gundam this took up tremendous space and so I've removed nearly every close-up. As usual, full body shots remain untouched although I have removed some for the major characters that already have plenty of images covering them. Those characters that I was unable to put up earlier are now there.
You will also notice that I've revamped the main page for the character images. The cumbersome full alphabetical listing has been permanently removed, the characters are now listed by series, with the amount of images per character also noted.
July 29, 2004: A Warning. In my attempt to be able to get back to work on my Character Lineart Image Archive I will be completely revamping the section. What this means is that many images may no longer be in the archive, or may no longer be as big as they are now. No need to worry about full body images of main characters, those should remain the same. And I will not be excluding any characters. But I will almost certainly have to remove some stuff. So if there's any images you want to save from the archive in their current state, be sure to do it now. They may no longer be up once I redo the section. There's no specific timetable for the time being for when it will go up. It will be put up when I'm done, as simple as that. May be a few days, may be a few weeks or more. But at some time in the distant future I will attemp to get back to work on this project of mine.
July 27, 2004: The Gundam Seed entries continue; I've put up both the Geography (4 entries) and Terms (16 entries) pages. These currently cover the first 15 episodes of the show. Like the character pages, I will gradually update these as the show continues to air on TV. I have also updated the FAQ regarding a few Gundam Seed (site related) questions. Site total is 2123 entries. In general Gundam news, it has been announced that Gundam F91 will make its US premiere at Otakon this weekend, and will have a limited theatrical release soon. The official site has put up their F91 section.
July 10, 2004: I've put up the first major update for Gundam Seed. Coverage of all the characters in the show for the first 13 episodes are up, 32 characters in all. I shall be gradually updating this series as it airs on Cartoon Network. For now, obviously, the bios only cover the characters for the events of the first 13 episodes. The Geography, Terms, etc... sections will follow. The mecha section will probably wait until I've seen the entire series. I will tend to update these after each major story arc, since Seed just finished up its first major arc before heading into a couple of clip shows, figured now would be the best time to put them up. Site total is 2103 entries.

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