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Space Runaway Ideon premiered on Japanese Television in 1980. It was the anime created by Yoshiyuki Tomino immediately after his most famous work, Gundam. Featuring the most powerful mecha of all time, the Ideon, the show (also known as Legendary Giant God Ideon) ran for 39 episodes before being cancelled with a mere 4 episodes left. It would be over a year before Ideon finally was finished, with the release of two movies, A Contact, which was a compilation of the series, and Be Invoked, which finished the show off once and for all. On its surface just one of the most common shows in anime, a giant robot show, Ideon nonetheless was a very unique and groundbreaking show, having a big influence on later works like Evangelion. Having never been released in America, or even fansubbed, its unfortunately never been given the opportunity to be as popular on these shores as it has been in Japan.
UPDATE 2-05-04: I've added 'Solo Ship' and 'Ganda Rowa' to the mecha section. I'm also slowly working on renovating this page to a better format and am working on translating a Tomino interview about Ideon. Look for them sometime in the future.

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-Buff Clan-
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Cosmo Yuki
Voice: Yoku Shioya
Cosmo is the male lead of Space Runaway Ideon and is the main pilot of the powerful Ideon. He is focused and dedicated to piloting, and is friendly with all on the Solo Ship. A model crew member.
Distraut over the deaths of his comrades, Cosmo allows the Ideon to destroy the universe.
Bes Jordan
Voice: Hideyuki Tanaka
Bes is leader of the Solo Ship's crew. He is seen as very powerful and respectable by Karala despite the fact that he is no pilot, and the two fall in love...
Even though Karala becomes pregnant with his child, there is no happy ending for these two. Karala killed earlier, Bes dies in the final battle after being shot in the head by a Buff Clan soldier.
Sheryl Formosa
Voice: You Inoue
A linguistic scholar, Sheryl is a rather uptight and arrogant crew member of the Solo Ship but still is generally liked by the rest of the crew. She has a hatred for Karala throughout the early part of Space Runaway Ideon.
With her sister and lover dead, Sheryl goes a little over the edge. She takes Piper Lou onto the deck of the Solo Ship underneath the Ideon and the mighty force of the Ideon gun blows her off the ship to her death.
Kasha Imhof
Voice: Fuyumi Shiraishi
Kasha is the pilot of the Ideo-Buster, one of three parts of the Ideon. Despite being a girl, Kasha is actually more aggressive and bloodthirsty then her male crewmates.
After Karala's death Kasha remains on the Solo Ship to defend it but is killed when debree strikes her in the head.
Banda Lotta
Voice: Eiko Yamada
Her family killed by the Buff Clan on Logo Dau, Banda Lotta is one of the ship's refugees. She still harbers a lot of hatred for Karala for what happened there however... her primarily role on the ship is taking care of the children.
Lotta kills Mayaya in A Contact and tries to kill Karala as well. When Harulu and her underlings raid the Solo Ship, Lotta kills Tororof, but is shot to death by Kararuru seconds later.
Deck Afta
Voice: Tatsuya Matsuda
Despite being younger than the other pilots, Deck is main pilot of the Ideo-Delta, one of three parts of the Ideon.
Deck is killed when the Ideon is destroyed in the final battle.
Joliver Ira
Voice: Kaneto Shiozawa
Joliver is the Solo Ship's Chief Mechanic. He is one of very few adults who get a chance to pilot the Ideon, but not until the very end...
Seriously injured by Doba Ajiba, Joliver passes away aboard the Ideon.
Moera Fatima
Moera is the pilot of the Ideo-Nova, one of three parts of the Ideon. He is Rapot's girlfriend.
Moera is one of the first crew members of the Solo Ship to die, while battling Daram's forces.
Hatari Naburu
Voice: Kazuhiko Inoue
Hatari is the main pilot of the Solo Ship.
Hatari is killed in the final battle, when he is shot in the head by a Buff Clan Soldier.
Bento Marusu
Voice: Kouichi Hashimoto
Bento is the backup pilot of the Ideo-Nova.
Bento is killed in the final battle when the Ideon is destroyed.
Tekuno Gyabari
Tekuno is the backup pilot of the Ideo-Buster.
Tekuno is killed in the final battle when the Ideon is destroyed.
Rapot Famu
Rapot is the medic for the Solo Ship. She is in love with Moera.
Rapot is shot to death on the Solo Ship bridge in the final battle with the Buff Clan.
Lin Formosa
Voice: Keiko Yokozawa
Younger sister of Sheryl, Lin is friends with Banda Lotta is usually seen with her.
Lin is killed in episode 37 of the series, being shot to death on the planet Ajian.
Piper Lou
Voice: You Inoue
Piper Lou is a baby aboard the Solo Ship. He actually causes quite a reaction while aboard the Ideon...
Piper Lou is killed when the Solo Ship is destoyed in the final battle. He is the only character in Ideon who is spared a death scene.
Ashura Nobaku
Ashura is a little girl aboard the Solo Ship.
Ashura is killed aboard the Solo Ship bridge in the final battle when her head is burnt to a crisp.
Fard Maraka
Voice: Sanae Takagi
Fard is a little boy aboard the Solo Ship.
Fard is actually armed with a gun in the final battle against the Buff Clan and is shot to death.
Kiranin Colbock
A member of the Science Academy on Earth who headed to the Solo Ship when it approached the moon. He brought Sheryl and Joliver to the moon in order to get information about Id from the Gloria Computer
Kiranin is killed by an Earth Military officer, resisting arrest when they are caught using Gloria.
Kitten Kitty
Voice: Rumiko Ukai
Kitty befriends some members of the Solo Ship crew when they come to her planet, Kyaral but would prefer they leave the planet to prevent more bloodshed on her already wartorn planet.
Alas, Kitty never makes it off her planet. She is killed, either by being shot to death(series) or in an explosion(Be Invoked), depending on which version it is.
One of the survivors on Ajian after the Ideon's Black Hole Cannon destroys much of the planet. As revenge he plots with Guldabra Dron of the Buff Clan to capture the Solo Ship and Ideon and takes hostages in order to do it. He has his troops fire upon the hostages, killing Sheryl's sister.
Commodore is shot by Sheryl in anger after her sister is killed. Gije puts him out of his misery. He appears very briefly as one of the souls at the end of Be Invoked.
-Buff Clan-
Karala Ajiba
Voice: Keiko Toda
Karala is daughter of the Buff Clan Army's leader, yet becomes a member of the Solo Ship's crew after being stranded on Logo Dau. Banished by her own race, she remains aboard the ship and falls in love with Bes. Karala is the female lead of Space Runaway Ideon.
Alas, there is no happy ending for Karala. Pregnant with Bes's son, she is shot in the face by her own sister, who hated her for associating with the Humans.
Harulu Ajiba
Voice: Youko Asagami
Harulu is Karala's elder sister, and a constant nemesis of the Solo Ship. She hates Karala for associating with the opposing side.
Harulu's hatred of Karala commences with her shooting her sister in the face. She is killed soon after, due to the mighty power of the Ideon gun.
Gije Zaral
Voice: Kazuo Hayashi
Gije investigates the Ide and is constantly after the Solo Ship before eventually joining it himself. He and Sheryl fall in love.
Gije dies on the planet Steckin Star in episode 38 of the TV series while piloting the Ideon.
Doba Ajiba
Voice: Takkou Ishimori
Head of the Buff Clan's military forces, Doba orders the troops from his mighty Bairal Jin.
Doba kills Gindoro shortly after Harulu's death and is shot to death himself by Buff Clan soldiers in the final battle.
Gindoro Jinma
Voice: Seizou Kato
Gindoro is the head of the Ome Foundation. He initially plots with Doba, but things come between them when he realizes just how powerful the Ideon is...
...which results in Doba shooting him shortly after his daughter Harulu's death.
Mayaya Rau
Mayaya is Karala's assistant and goes aboard the Solo ship along with her on Logo Dau.
Mayaya is shot to death, by different people in the series and A Contact respectively.
Tolorof Ru
Tolorof is one of Harulu's underlings.
Tolorof is killed by Banda Lotta when she boards the Solo Ship.
Kilarul is one of Harulu's underlings.
Kilarul is killed along with Harulu by the mighty power of the Ideon gun.
Zou Habel Gande
Voice: Seizou Kato
Zou is the sovereign of the Buff Clan. Doba had planned to overthrow him, but never gets the opportunity.
Zou is the victim of one of many meteor showers that plague the home planet of the Buff Clan.
Daram Zuba
Voice: Shoujirou Kihara
Daram is an officer of the Ome Foundation and Harulu's former lover. He assists Harulu while in battle with the Solo Ship.
Daram is shot to death by Gije in the television series, killed by the Ideon in A Contact.
Damido Pechi
Voice: Banjou Ginga
Damido is sent to Logo Dau along with Gije to investigate the Ide. In the series, he constantly is after the Solo Ship.
Damido is killed off while on Logo Dau in A Contact. In the series he lasts quite a lot longer, but suffers the same fate, being killed by the Ideon.
Abadidi Gurimade
Voice: Masaru Ikeda
Abadidi was a Buff Clan military officer who was originally in charge of the investigation of the Planet Solo. His role was completely cut out in the compilation movie.
After pursuiting the Solo Ship for around 10 episodes Abadidi heads out in a Dogg Mack and is killed by a large number of Bajins, creatures he originally plotted to destroy the Solo Ship with.
Guhaba Geba
Another Buff Clan Military officer under the command of Harulu Ajiba, who first shows his face in episode 11 of the TV Series. He humiliates Karala in front of everyone when she tries to make peace with her sister. He is completely cut out of the compilation movie although he briefly appears at the end of Be Invoked.
Guhaba fights the Ideon in a Zigg Mack in episode 13 but is defeated.
A Buff Clan officer under the command of Harulu who attacks the Solo Ship on the planet Flag Star
Gyamose dies a mere episode after he first appears, as his Devil Twin soldiers fail to destroy the Solo Ship.
Rukuku Kil
Voice: Takashima Gara
Rukuku Kil is a Buff Clan officer sent to capture the Ideon as it approaches Earth. A loyal soldier of the Emperor, she looks down on Daram Zuba.
After Daram's death Rukuku comes upon a video of him talking about Harulu. Fellow Buff Clan soldier Kulara Kina kills Rukuku to obtain this tape for Harulu, who was angry at Rukuku for her opinion on it. She appears very briefly at the end of Be Invoked.
Hannibal Gen
Voice: Tessho Genda
A Buff Clan officer who battles the Solo Ship shortly after it leaves the Earth. He teams up with the Earth Officer Marshall Franklin in order to capture the Ideon and Solo Ship.
Like many before him, Hannibal Gen meets his end at the hands of the Ideon in his Gido Mack mecha.
Kulara Kina
A Buff Clan soldier under the jurisdiction of Harulu, she accompanies Hannibal Gen to Rukuku Kil's Garowa Zan in order to spy on her.
Kulara assassinates Rukuku under Harulu's orders in order to get a video with Daram on it, and as revenge for Rukuku laughing at it. Her effort's worthless however as the entire ship is blown up soon after.
Guldabra Dron
Another in a long line of Buff Clan officers with the mission of capturing the Ideon and Solo Ship. He conspires with Commodore on the planet Ajian to capture it, but when their plan fails he is forced to retreat...
...only to have the Ideon catch up with his ship and blow it up with the Ideon Gun.


Sol Conver
(AKA Ideo-Delta, A Mecha)

Length: 52 meters
Weight: 1413 tons
Top Speed: Mach 12 (in the atmosphere)
One of three seemingly harmless trucks that was discovered on the planet Solo and restored by the scientists excavating the ruins of the long dead alien civilization there. When the alien force known as the Buff Clan attacked Solo, colonists got into these trucks for protection and were shocked when on their own the three transformed into the powerful Godly mecha known as Ideon. Each truck (known as Sol-Conver, Sol-Amber and Sol-Vainer respectively) can either be used as part of the Ideon (the Sol-Conver forms the legs and waist, the Sol-Vainer forms the chest and abdomen, and the Sol-Amber forms the head, shoulders and arms) or as an independent war machine (known as the Ideo-Buster, Ideo-Delta and Ideo-Nova). Although neither of these 3 machines were that powerful on their own at first, they were quickly equipped with powerful missile launchers and Glen Cannons by mechanic Joliver Ira.

Sol Vainer
(AKA Ideo-Nova, B Mecha)

Length: 28.5 meters
Weight: 1695 tons
Top Speed: ???

Sol Amber
(AKA Ideo-Buster, C Mecha)

Length: 79.5 meters
Weight: 2542 tons
Top Speed: Mach 10 (in the atmosphere)

The Ideon

Length: 150 meters
Height: approx 105 meters
Weight: 5650 tons
Armaments: Missile Port x9 (Waist x1, Shoulder x2, Leg x2, Wrist x2, Abdomen x2), Glen Cannon x3, Small Glen Cannon x1, Large Glen Cannon x1, Barrier, Mini Black Hole Cannon x1, Ideon Sword x2, Ideon Gun x1(AKA Wave Leader Gun)
The Ideon was originally constructed by a long dead alien civilization on the planet Solo (known as the 6th Civilization because it was the 6th alien civilization humanity had discovered). It is comprised of three trucks, the Sol-Amber, Sol-Conver and Sol-Vainer, which transform and combine to form this gigantic humanoid mech. Each of these trucks were individually restored by the scientists on Solo, and it wasn't until a 7th alien civilization, the 'Buff Clan' attacked that the Ideon itself was revealed when the three trucks transformed on their own. The Ideon is carried aboard the Solo Ship throughout the series as they flee through the universe. It is finally destroyed in 'The Ideon: Be Invoked' in the final battle against the Ganda Rowa, the Buff Clan's most powerful weapon.
The Ideon and its individual parts are powered by the 'Id', a mysterious yet infinite power source that fluctuates constantly, effecting the Ideon's performance. If the Id Gauge (which can be found in the cockpit of each of the Ideon's 3 parts) does not display the Id to be at an appropriate level, not only will the Ideon's attack/defense capabilities be decreased, but it can also seperate back into its 3 parts. Id responds more to a person the younger they are, hense the Ideon's pilots become younger and younger as the series goes on. Bes, the captain of the Ideon pilots it along with Cosmo, Kasha, Tekuno and Bento in the early episodes, but soon retires from the job, handing it over to the younger Moera. The child Deck becomes a pilot later on, being able to bring more out of the Ideon because of his younger age. The Ideon can even respond to babies, as is the case when the infant Piper Lou sneaks aboard, and occasionally its individual parts can operate without a pilot at all.
The Ideon has a host of weapon bestowing it with incredible offensive strength, making it without a doubt the most powerful mecha in anime history. It contains a multitude of Missile Ports and Glen Cannons(which were put on by the colonists after the Buff Clan attacked) all over its body allowing it to attack in all directions. The Ideon features a barrier that can protect both itself and the Solo Ship from any attack, but its strength relies solely on the level of Id. If the Id gauge is low, the barrier can be useless. Halfway through the series while at the planet Ajian, the Ideon's pilots discovered a tremendous power in the Ideon's Mini Black Hole cannon. When activated this creates a black hole which sucks in everything around the Ideon. Its power is so great though that it dealt considerable damage to both friend and foe. As powerful as that device is though, its only the third most powerful weapon of the Ideon's. The second is the Ideon swords, two rays of energy that emit from the Ideon's wrists and are powerful enough to chop a planet in two (which they eventually do). Most powerful of all is the Ideon Gun, also known as the Wave Leader Gun, which emits waves of energy that can wipe out planets, fleets, whatever gets in the way with no trouble at all. The one caveat is that these weapons use up a tremendous amount of energy, meaning that they must be used sparingly.

Solo Ship

Length: 400 meters
Height: 127 meters
Width: 262 meters
Weight: 49000 tons
Pilot(s): Hatari Naburo
Manufacturer: 6th Civilization(Solo)
Construction Material: Ideonite
Power Source: Id
Features: Normal Engine, Anti-Matter Engine, DS(Dimension Space) Drive
Armaments: Glen Cannon, Missiles
First Appearance: Episode 2
The Solo Ship was originally discovered by archeologists on the Planet Solo while preparing that planet for colonization. The Solo Ship was the second of 2 major archeological finds (the first obviously being the Ideon), found at a second archeological site. When the Buff Clan attacked the Planet Solo and quickly annihilated the planet's capital, New Lopia, the colonists quickly fled to the only place where they could be safe - the Solo Ship. Originally thought to be nothing than a ruin, the Solo Ship quickly responded to the power of 'Id', which emerged due to the start of the war. Using this, the surviving colonists fled the planet Solo in this ship and remained in it until the end of 'The Ideon: Be Invoked' where it is destroyed by the Ganda Rowa
Like the Ideon, the Solo Ship has few weapons of its own at first, but is equipped with various cannons and missile launchers by the colonists who occupy it. Its main defense is the Ideon itself, which can stand right on the deck of the ship and surround the both of them with its powerful barrier. What makes the Solo Ship special and more advanced than anything Earthlings had before is its DS Drive, which enables the Solo Ship to enter Null-Space and travel as fast as any Buff Clan craft.

Ganda Rowa

Armaments: Giant Light Ray Cannon x1
First Appearance: Be Invoked
Developed as part of a secret collaboration between the Ome Foundation and the Buff Clan military, the Ganda Rowa was the centerpiece of plans to overthrow the Buff Clan Emperor, Zou. With his premature death and the complete destruction of the Buff Clan homeworld, its sole purpose became to wipe out the Giant God, Ideon. Although Buff Clan military leader Doba Ajiba had hoped to not use it at all, he found he had no choice as no force, no matter how large, was able to stop the Ideon.
The Ganda Rowa is as powerful as the Ideon, perhaps even more, and is able to destroy a planet 10 times the size of the Buff Clan's home world at a mere 40% of its full strength, as shown in 'The Ideon: Be Invoked'. Its too powerful for its own good however, and it is destroyed from its own power in the final battle with the Ideon.
Frequently Asked Questions
# Episode Title Air Date Rating
01 Resurrection of Ideon 05/08/1980 6.9
02 Destruction of New Lopia 05/15/1980 7.3
03 Bursting Earth 05/22/1980 6.8
04 Escape from Planet Solo 05/29/1980 5.5
05 Infinite Power: Legendary Id 06/05/1980 5.5
06 White Flag of Betrayal 06/12/1980 4.2
07 Escape from Null Space 06/19/1980 5.6
08 Battle in the Sandstorm 06/26/1980 6.3
09 Burning Null Space 07/03/1980 3.9
10 Surpise Bajin Attack 07/10/1980 5.3
11 Pursuit to the Ruined Planet 07/17/1980 5.4
12 Breakthrough the Enemy's Front 07/24/1980 4.6
13 Attack on the Alien 07/31/1980 3.8
14 Doku's Attack Strategy 08/07/1980 5.6
15 Plan for Retrieving Ideon 08/14/1980 4.2
16 Damido's Lethal Strategy 08/21/1980 3.6
17 Battle on the Ape Planet 08/28/1980 6.4
18 Betrayal on Ajian 09/04/1980 4.9
19 Gyamose's Special Command 09/11/1980 4.5
20 Battle the Devil Twins 09/18/1980 6.2
21 Sink the Enemy's Battleship 09/25/1980 4.4
22 The Legend Lives Again 10/03/1980 6.7
23 The Shocking Decoy Planet 10/10/1980 3.5
24 Strike the Infiltrating Guerillas 10/17/1980 3.2
25 Ideon's Counterattack 10/24/1980 3.9
26 Deadly Fight - Fear of Gel 10/31/1980 4.7
27 Infiltrate the Lunar Base 11/07/1980 4.3
28 Wrath of the Wave Gun 11/14/1980 4.2
29 Sparkling Sword 11/21/1980 3.9
30 Desperate Sniper 11/28/1980 4.6
31 Home Aflame 12/05/1980 3.8
32 Amidst the Flames of Fate 12/12/1980 4.0
33 Waft Area Gamble 12/19/1980 4.2
34 After the Meteor's Fall 12/26/1980 5.1
35 Surfacing from Darkness 12/29/1980 6.4
36 Farewell Solo Ship 01/09/1981 3.2
37 Colony of Hatred 01/16/1981 4.5
38 The Space Runaway 01/23/1981 3.2
39 In the Cosmos With You 01/30/1981 3.3

Ratings information from Roman Album Extra #48, Space Runaway Ideon TV
In the far future, humanity has moved to the stars and has begun colonizing planets. One of these is the Planet Solo, where our story begins.

Bes Jordan, a member of the military heads to an excavation site on the Planet Solo. There he finds a group of researchers, led by Dr. Yuuki, Dr. Formosa and his daughter, Sheryl Formosa, who have discovered 3 giant trucks from a long dead alien civilization known respectively as Sol Amber, Sol Conver and Sol Vainer. They have worked on restoring them but neither have functioned properly thus far. Meanwhile, Dr. Yuki's son, Cosmo, along with his friend Deck Afta and Kasha Imhof head through the forest and arrive at the site as well.

At that same time in space, a giant battleship, the Gram Zan arrives. Occupied by humanoid aliens known as the Buff Clan, they had no idea aliens existed but have suddenly found them on this planet, which they call Logo Dau. The ship's commanders, Gije Zaral and Damido Pechi are reluctant to make contact, but Karala Ajiba, daughter of the Buff Clan's military leader and Gije's fiance heads out on her own with her assistants Mayaya and Shiraku on a Copola ship against orders. Gije quickly sends a small force to retrieve her, fearing the trouble they would get in if Karala was harmed.

Karala and her colleagues arrive with little trouble, but one of the Kopola pilots fire upon seeing the archeological equipment on Solo and the rest of the forces soon follow. Both Dr. Yuki and Dr. Formosa are killed and Cosmo, Deck and Kasha flee onto 2 of the giant trucks while Sheryl gets on the third. Bes attacks the Kopolas, having a lot of success and Karala watches in amazement. As soon as they get in, the 3 giant trucks start moving and a gauge inside, the Id Gauge lights up. The three trucks transform and combine into a giant robot, the Ideon, which quickly annihilates the rest of the Buff Clan fighters with little trouble.

Gije and Damido, meeting up with the leader of their expedition, Abadidi Gurimade soon launch more attacks on the planet Solo and completely destroy the planet's capital, New Lopia. The survivors flee inside a giant spaceship found along with the 3 trucks, and Karala, who was mistaken by Bes as a colonist is let aboard as well. Other civilians who quickly get aboard the Solo Ship include Sheryl's sister, Lin; Banda Lotta; three children: Piper Lou, Ashura Nobaku and Fard Maraka; Tekuno Gyabari, Bento Marusu, mechanic Joliver Ira, pilot Hatari Naburu and Moera Fatima. Tekuno and Bento soon join Cosmo and Kasha as pilots of the Ideon's 3 parts and Moera soon replaces Bes as another pilot. Karala and Mayaya are soon discovered to be aliens and while Mayaya is shot to death, Bes has taken a liking to Karala and she is allowed to live, although Sheryl and others distrust her. Karala tells everyone of the Legend of Id, a story of the Buff Clan's savior, who saved them with the power of Id. The Buff Clan have searched the universe for this legendary existence, which is what powers both the Ideon and the Solo Ship.

The Solo Ship soon flees the planet Solo using its powerful DS Drive engines and after a fight in sub space with the Buff Clan arrive at the Planet Saurus Star. Bes, Cosmo and the others confront Gije in a powerful Dogg Mack Mobile Suit and later in man to man fighting. While Gije behaves like a proper Samurai, Damido spoils Gije's hospitality after he is defeated by Bes, but feels kind enough to let him go. Abadidi gets orders from above - Karala's elder sister Harulu that they no longer have to worry about harming her and could kill Karala if need be, since she has ashamed the Ajiba family by associating with the humans. The Buff Clan force chases the Solo Ship to the planet Crystal Star where Abadidi heads out himself in a Dogg Mack. His attempts to destroy the Solo Ship with giant winged creatures known as Bajins backfires and it is he who is killed by them.

With Abadidi dead and Damido injured Harulu herself heads to the front with her underling Guhaba Geba. Arriving on the planet Ruins Star, Karala tries to make peace with her sister but is humiliated by Guhaba. Things get even worse for her when Banda Lotta, upset by all the harm the Buff Clan has caused tries to kill her but folds under pressure. Karala willing to die impresses everyone on the Solo Ship with her strength. Guhaba is soon killed in his Zigg Mack mecha and another officer of Harulu's, Doku meets a similar fate soon after. The Solo Ship arrives at an Earth base where Cosmo meets Camyula, a female officer who reminds him of his mother. She soon dies right in front of him which renews his desire to fight. Damido, now recovered makes one final attempt to destroy the Ideon but is killed as well. The Solo Ship heads to the planet Ajian and when Gije attacks the planet the Ideon uses its powerful Black Hole Cannon, which prevents the Buff Clan's missiles from hitting the planet, but destroys a lot of the planet as well.

Gije heads back to the Buff Clan homeworld and Gyamus takes his place under Harulu's command. A few fights later he too suffers the fate that all of Harulu's underlings have met up to this point on the planet Flag Star. The Solo Ship and Harulu's Dorowa Zan meet in space and the Dorowa is destroyed. Harulu flees in an escape capsule and meets up with Daram Zuba, a former lover and member of the Ome Foundation, which is plotting with Harulu and Karala's father, Doba, to overthrow the Buff Clan Emperor. With Gije with him Daram now becomes the main adversary of the Solo Ship as it goes to the planet Kyaral. There Cosmo meets Kitty Kitten who desires for the Solo Ship to flee since it will bring nothing but more heartbreak to their wartorn planet. Kitty is shot to death soon after by Daram and Cosmo is injured, saved only by a blood transfusion from Karala.

The Solo Ship, still pursued by Daram approach Earth but find that their fellow Earthlings will not welcome them. Sheryl and Joliver head to the moon to use the Earth Military's powerful Gloria computer and discover that the power of Id is infinite. The Solo Ship is attacked yet again and the Ideon uses its newest weapon, the Ideon Gun to defend itself. With Daram failing to succeed at his mission the Emperor sends Rukuku Kil to destroy the Solo Ship and she meets up with Daram. The 3 children sneak aboard the Ideon in their latest battle with the Buff Clan's Barume Baram Mobile Weapon but this becomes an unforseen benefit as the reaction of the children in danger make the Ideon even more powerful and yet another weapon, the Ideon Sword is revealed. Gije, abandoned by Daram meets Sheryl and sneaks aboard the Solo Ship. Few trust him even after he kills Daram in a battle on Earth. The Earth military completely rejecting them, the Solo Ship flees without a home to go back to.

Harulu has Rukuku assassinated after she discovers Daram and Harulu's relationship and a long line of enemies, both from the Buff Clan and the Earth fail to destroy/steal the Solo Ship. Moera is killed in battle to the distress of everyone, especially medic Rapot. Gije takes his place as one of the Ideon's pilots. The Solo Ship returns to Ajian who now despise them for what happened earlier in the series and their military leader takes hostages, killing Sheryl's sister Lin before he is stopped. The Solo Ship flees to the planet Steckin Star and Gije is killed when the Ideon is heavily damaged. The Ideon continues to get more and more powerful as the battles and deaths escalate and the Ideon chops the entire planet in half as it makes its escape.

-This summary has covered the first 38 episodes of the TV series, slighly modified in the compilation movie a Contact, which cuts among other things most of the Buff Clan military officers, the encounter with Kitty Kitten on Kyaral, most of the conflicts with the Earth and other things. What follows is a summary for the Movie Be Invoked, which begins with footage from the final episode of the television series, not yet covered in this summary.-

With repeated failure by his military leaders, Doba Ajiba himself heads out on the Buff Clan flagship, Bairal Jin along with the Ome Foundation leader, Gindoro. The Buff Clan is quickly finishing its work on the Ganda Rowa, a powerful warship that might be even more powerful than the Ideon. Karala and Joliver suddenly find themselves transported to the Bairal Jin and are caught by Doba and his men. Karala reveals that she is pregnant with the child of an Earthling's (Bes's) to the shock of everyone and they make their escape. The Solo Ship heads there to save them and do as Karala and Joliver survive despite their ship being shot down. The Solo Ship flees under pursuit of many Buff Clan troop and Harulu sends out her top fighters, Tororof and Kilarul in the Zanza Lubu. Sheryl, knowing that the Id desires to protect children brings out Piper Lou onto the deck of the ship in order to strengthen the Ideon and the force of the Ideon gun blows her right off the ship to her death, reuniting her with her beloved Gije. Karala saves Piper Lou and the Solo Ship escapes from them, for now.

On the bridge of the Solo Ship Karala reveals to everyone else that she's pregnant, with a child that Cosmo and the others call a Messiah. Kilarul and Tororof head back to Harulu telling her that Karala and her unborn child are whats manifesting the Id so she decides to both prevent its birth and stop this from happening by killing Karala. The Zanza Lubu is destroyed in battle but the three make their way on to the Solo Ship. Tororof is killed by Banda Lotta, who is killed shortly after by Kilarul. Karala reveals herself and is shot in the face by Harulu, who flees immediately after. It isn't long before the two of them are annihilated by the Ideon's powerful Gun.

Meanwhile, meteors strike both the Earth and the Buff Clan Homeworld reducing them to uninhabitable wastelands. Gindoro, afraid of the Ideon wants to flee and refuses to listen to Doba, getting shot to death for it. Doba, angry with the deaths of his daughter has the Buff Clan military force continue to attack the Solo Ship as it approaches the Ganda Rowa. In the ensuing battle Kasha is killed by debree and Buff Clan soldiers make their way to the Solo Ship bridge, killing Hatari, Rapot, Ashura and Fard. Bes is shot in the neck and dies soon after. Doba doesn't care about sacrificing everyone's lives as long as the Ideon is destroyed and hense is killed by his own soldiers because of it. The Ideon grapples onto the Ganda Rowa which fires, killing everyone aboard both the Ideon and the Ganda Rowa, and destroying the Solo Ship. The Ideon as it crumbles destroys the entire universe.

The naked souls of everyone, Buff Clan and Earthlings peaceful at last, ascend through space. Karala's baby, the 'Messiah', leads everyone to watch the revival of the universe.


These are the various Ideon books I own and use (along with the series and movies themself) as sources for information for this webpage. Sorry, none are for sale and I don't know of any place to tell you where you can get them. The various images I have up are scans from these books.
Roman Album - A Contact/Be Invoked Roman Album - TV Series (1-39)
A Contact/Be Invoked Program Book Ideon Mecha Manual
Ideon Storybook 1 (Eps 1-13) Ideon Storybook 2 (Eps 14-26)