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Escaflowne has in my opinion the best soundtrack in anime history. Composed by Yoko Kanno, it covers 4 different soundtracks with over 40 different tracks. Here are the various soundtracks for Escaflowne in mp3 format.

To save them. Right click over the link, choose Save As/Save Target As, find some place to store it. Then download it. Feel free to use these files on your page, but please do not link these files to your websites, because it will waste our bandwidth. Upload them to your own server. Thanks.

The files on this page are for sampling only. If you enjoy the music beyond the link, please support it by purchasing the CD. Thanks, and hope you enjoy the intriguing works of this talented musician.

If you don't know the name of the song you are searching for, click here to find a guide to what each song is, hopefully it will help.

Soundtrack 1
Soundtrack 2
Soundtrack 3
Lovers Only Soundtrack
Movie Soundtrack

Unfortunately mp3's are not allowed by the server, so the music section is down at this time. Unfortunately don't expect them up any time in the near future.