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Wondering what a character exactly said? Looking for exact quotes for fanfics and such? Well, here's the place for you, scripts for every episode of the show. The scripts are taken from the fan subbed version. Descriptions of events are in italics.

     &nbspEpisode; 1: Fated Confession
     &nbspEpisode; 2: The Girl from the Mystic Moon
     &nbspEpisode; 3: A Gallant Swordsman
     &nbspEpisode; 4: The Diabolical Adonis
     &nbspEpisode; 5: The Mark of the Brothers
     &nbspEpisode; 6: The Capital of Intrigue
     &nbspEpisode; 7: Unexpected Partings
     &nbspEpisode; 8: The Day the Angel Flew
     &nbspEpisode; 9: Memories of a Wing
     &nbspEpisode; 10: The Blue Eyed Prince
     &nbspEpisode; 11: Prophecy of Death
     &nbspEpisode; 12: The Secret Door
     &nbspEpisode; 13: Red Fate
     &nbspEpisode; 14: Dangerous Scars
     &nbspEpisode; 15: The Lost Paradise
     &nbspEpisode; 16: The Guided Ones
     &nbspEpisode; 17: The End of the World
     &nbspEpisode; 18: Gravity of Fate
     &nbspEpisode; 19: Operation Golden Rule of Love
     &nbspEpisode; 20: False Pledge
     &nbspEpisode; 21: Reaction of Fortune
     &nbspEpisode; 22: Angel with Black Wings
     &nbspEpisode; 23: Sign of A Storm
     &nbspEpisode; 24: Choosing Fate
     &nbspEpisode; 25: The Absolute Fortune Zone
     &nbspEpisode; 26: Eternal Adoration

      Scripts in text only versions