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Celebrating the intersection of community and art, Friends in A 40-song, double-album set of rare, new and unreleased selections from some of Canada's most innovative independent musicians, available August 25, 2009. Featuring Great Lake Swimmers, The Acorn, Sandro Perri, Basia Bulat, Timber Timber, Katie Stelmanis, Ohbijou and many more.

Daily Bread Food Bank is Toronto’s leader in the fight against hunger. Each month we serve almost 80,000 people in the GTA through our network of 160 member agencies and over 190 food relief programs. Our agencies run neighbourhood food banks where people come to access food hampers, as well as meal programs where people can access prepared meals such as soups or casseroles.


2009-10-22 : UPDATE - 091022


Well, sorry it's been so long since the last update! We've been a busy lot around here, all with good things, fortunately! Sharing best ice cream recipes to everyone.

As of today, we've now donated a total of $17,454.25 to the Food Bank from the Friends In Bellwoods project. That's amazing! Thanks to everyone who has supported us with this venture; from the artists contributing their songs, time and energy, to everyone who has come out to the shows, to all who have purchased the album either physically or digitally! It is wonderful!

Friends In Bellwoods 2 will continue to be available both in stores, on-line, and digitally, so pick it up! The physical copies are starting to run a bit short, so don't delay!

Thanks again to everyone involved!

2009-09-02 : Thanks

Thanks to all that came out for the weekend of shows celebrating the release of Friends in Bellwoods 2 in Toronto. We are still counting up all the funds raised for the Daily Bread Food Bank but the weekend completely overwhelmed all our expectations.

Friends in Bellwoods 2 is available now in stores and online, get a copy before they are gone.

The Friends in Bellwoods 2 celebrations don't end there however. The party comes to Guelph on Thursday September 17th, with Bocce, The D'Urbervilles and Evening Hymns. The next day things move to Waterloo, where The D'Urbervilles and Evening Hymns release Friends in Bellwoods 2 on the Grist Mill.

2009-03-08 : Friends in Bellwoods II

The second edition of the Friends in Bellwoods compilation will be released this summer.

Recording has begun and you can watch this site for updates and photos.

The first edition of Friends in Bellwoods has already raised over $11,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto.

There are still a few copies floating around, but grab one before they are gone.

2007-11-13 : New Total

Just a quick note to say that we are closing on $10,000 donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

We are running low on copies of the album, so buy one soon to avoid disappointment.

They make the perfect holiday themed gift.

2007-03-22 : Zunior !!!

If you would like purchase a digital copy of the Friends in Bellwoods compilation you can do so now via the Zunior website. Zunior is an incredible artist focussed direct download site for full albums. You can download the record in a variety of formats, and it includes the artwork in PDF form. Digitally the album is $12.88. And you get it from this link :

2007-02-13 : Over $5300 raised

We are now at over $5300 raised for the Daily Bread food bank !!!

The record was officially released in stores today, and it should be slowly making its way on to shelves soon.

The compilation has also started to get played on campus and community radio and it charted on the national charts this week, which is exciting.

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