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From Musicians, Parents and the Audience

The Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus is one of the finest children's choruses I've heard anywhere in the world. Their musicianship and discipline are exemplary.
   Maestro Christoph Eschenbach, Music Director, Ravinia Festival

Emily Ellsworth, Bill Buhr and the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus spin pure gold. They are a dream come true!
   Doreen Rao, Artistic Director Emerita

I would like to say in what extremely high regard I hold the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus. They have shown their innate musicality as well as the highest standards of excellence. This is probably one of the finest such choruses in the world and its artistic discipline can only be described as exemplary.
   the late Sir Georg Solti

The finest children's chorus I have ever heard.
   the late Margaret Hillis, Founder Chicago Symphony Chorus

These children have done more for international ambassadorship than the politicians have been able to do.
   Ed Hornby, Canadian Cultural Attaché

The Glen Ellyn Children's Choir is among a handful of truly exceptional children's choirs in this country. They have the highest professional standards. But they are more than that. Under the direction of Emily Ellsworth, they sing with a depth of emotion that reaches into the soul of everyone lucky enough to experience their sound and their magic.
   Nick Page, composer

I consider that enrolling my children in the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus is the best investment in their character development I could make.
   Laurie Reifel, Parent

After one month I have seen my child develop discipline and concentration that carries over into her school work. The growth in her self esteem is remarkable...she has blossomed.
   Laura Livingston, Parent

My experience with the Chorus showed me the meaning of excellence and the constant striving for excellence, and I carry it with me still in everything that I choose to do.
  Lyn Hudson Caponigro, Chorus Alum & Former Board Member

The Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus stands out in particular as a Village treasure. They have won national and international acclaim, and we thank them for being outstanding ambassadors of the community
   Joe Wark, Glen Ellyn Village President

The Chorus is outstanding and stands alone among its peers.
   Peter Roskam, Illinois State Senator


From Choristers

I love singing. It uplifts my spirit when I'm down and fills me with joy.
   Monica Blacconeri, Chorister

When we come to Chorus we tend to forget our troubles and enter a place that's peaceful and calm.
   Ashley-Anne Furner, Chorister

I can loose myself in a harmony, or find myself in a melody.
   Lissa Wearne, Chorister

There is no possible way I can tell you my love for this group. It's like my second family.
   Leah Oren, Chorister

To me, singing is life, and I know it's what I want to do.
   Megan Doyle, Chorister

I sing because it brings out the best in me.
   Maggie Fleming, Chorister

My heart feels so much lighter and freer when I sing.
   Elizabeth Langkamp, Chorister

I depend on Chorus. Whenever I sing, I pour my whole heart and soul into singing.
   Katie Omanson, Chorister

As soon as I came to the GECC I was just completely amazed. It's just a huge step beyond anything else. As soon as I heard the warm-ups, I knew it was what I wanted.
   Cailleach Weingart-Ryan, Chorister

Music is...a beautiful resource to help me grow and know and understand myself. I want to introduce this wonderful sixth sense to people, and open the doors for them that the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus has opened for me.
   Laura Blubaugh, Chorister

It really doesn't matter where you perform or if the audience is big or small; it's all about the music and what that brings to people. We'll always have that and that's all that really matters.
   Rachel Appelt, Chorister