Selected alerts - The East Bay Tea Party calls to action

Continually Smouldering

Date Alert Issue
12/15/11 California Bill of Rights Initiative Launched Freedom
11/27/11 Stop AB131 Immigration


Stop plans to restrict your property freedoms. Planners are moving forward despite your protests. Property
05/05/11 Insist that temporary tax increases be allowed to expire Spending
05/03/11 Help us stop the funding of Obama Care! Healthcare
04/14/11 Vote in Person if You Want Your Vote to Count Voter Fraud

On Fire!

Date Alert Act by
07/12/12 Obama To Give UN Control Of Our Water 08/13/2012
05/01/12 Audit the Fed - HR 459 S202 July, 2012




12/01/11 East Bay Tea Party challenges California DREAM Act 12/01/11