In the Press:

EBTP Membership Commentary

9/24/2013 Grass Roots movement against One Bay Area Plan
3/06/13 Largest crowd yet speaks out against Danville zoning changes
2/23/13 Danville opposition still strong against creating space for low-income housing
2/16/13 Former Congressman Bill Baker is interviewed by Barbara Simpson about the One Bay Area Plan and the fight in Danville!
8/01/ 2011 Debt Ceiling Debate Exposes "Moderate" Republicans as Democrats
6/18 2011 Multiple articles and spending commentary in June-July Wall Street Journal
7/05/2011 The East Bay Tea Party has a Little Bit of Fun on Independence Day
6/23/2011 Stop plans to restrict your property freedoms. Planners are moving forward despite your protests.
5/07/2011 EBTP at the One Bay Area Agenda 21 Meeting
5/05/2011 EBTP at the Assembly Appropriation Hearings
5/02/2011 EBTP - Secure Our Borders Now! - Illegal Immigration Counter Rally

News not served up in the Mainstream

2/7/2014 Marin Residents stand in rain to protest high-density housing developments
1/5/2014 California's radicle land use proposal
1/3/2014 Beck’s – “On the record: The Agenda”
12/11/2013 Quiet Title option to Richmond Eminent domain mortgage seizure and California bank foreclosure
9/24/2013 MADOC County Votes 4-0 to approve State of Jefferson
9/21/2013 SF Bay Area Citizens protest SB-1 and Plan Bay Area
9/9/2013 SB1 - Tim Donnelly Speaking Against Eminent Domain Abuse
8/13/2013 Siskiyou County fights for Independence
2/21/2011 Rally for Ron Paul - February 25th
6/17/2011 Where does your candidate stand on the issues?
6/14/2011 VIDEO: Plan Bay Area report (June 10 mtg)
6/13/2011 Manipulation of One Bay Area Planning Process Leads to Public Dissent, Distrust, and Delay
6/06/2011 Bay Area Cities aren't buying what MTC and ABAG are selling, Halfway to Concord
4/20/2011 VIDEO - Heather Gass w/ other Patriots rallying at the Obama - Facebook mtg
8/07/2010 VIDEO - EBTP - Operation Shout Out II - Restoration of Billboard, Alamo, CA
9/17/2010 VIDEO - EBTP - Constitution Day, Danville, CA

Selected articles - The East Bay Tea Party in the news

6/18/2011 Multiple articles and spending commentary in June-July Wall Street Journal
6/04/2011 One Bay Area workshop takes one on the chin, Contra Costa Times
3/30/2011 Radio interview w/ Heather Gass, starts about 1/4th in, re: EBTP, voter integrity
3/27/2011 "Take Back Your Rights" Protest Campaign Steams into Fremont
3/19/2011 1st and 2nd Amendment Groups Take Back Their Rights In Milpitas
11/21/2010 Californian Leviathan
3/08/2010 Why Americans are so angry

Notable news from outlets, some mainstream, some not

More recent
8/12/2011 Health-Law Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional, WSJ
8/01/2011 Videos capturing a variety of debt ceiling debate commentary
7/04/2011 A peer reviewed admission that global surface temperatures did not rise between 1998 and 2008, Anthony Watts
6/08/2011 No, You Can't Keep Your Health Insurance, WSJ
4/18/2011 S&P Cuts U.S. Ratings Outlook to Negative (WSJ)
4/14/2011 Think the U.S. House actually delivered a budget cut? (WE) - Think again.
4/13/2011 Rebel Territory: Sanger, CA
Exceptional oldies
5/21/2010 Janet Napolitano & Homeland Security Politics